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Les commissions

(group of persons charged to study a question or a proposition, give their opinion and ensure a service.)

Goals of the commission

Commission: household refuse

  • The elimination and value-creation of the household rubbish, the pick up of terminals of waste sorting, bulky waste and used batteries.
  • Removal of out of service vehicles.
  • Diminution of the unauthorised rubbish tip

Commission: common space settlement and environment

  • DFCI: (defence of the forest against fires)/ organisation of a intermunicipal program of fire prevention
  • Reflection about the organisation of a landscape charter
  • Organisation of the settlement plan for the hiking paths and special-intermunicipal interest tour.

Commission “Cuscionu”

President : Jean Rocca Serra
The Cuscionu plateau is a protected site that is why the mission of the community of interest is to preserve it. The missions of the Community of Interest are:

  • Prevention, management of the Cuscionu site.
  • Partnership with the COPIL* and DOCOB-NATURA** 2000 Cuscionu.

*The COPIL conducts to the creation of documents describing the different objectives (DOCOB) of a Natura2000 site. It organises then the management of the site and the follow-up of the realisation of the different objectives.
** The Natura2000  network is a set of European natural sites, landscapes or seascapes,
Identified for its rarity or the fragility of the wild species (animal or vegetal) and their environment.  Natura 2000 manages to combine prevention of nature and soci-economic concerns.

  • the setting up of Pastoral Property Associations (AFP= Associations Foncières Pastorales)

Commission: Accommodation, living environment and social affairs

  • Improvement of operations of the accommodation and living environment
  • Setting up actions in the mountainous zone on the proximity services in relation with the elderly, youth and the people in difficulty
  • The setting up and a follow-up of a dispositive to promote  flourishing children
  • The setting up of group of persons who try to resolve the problem of medical cover in the mountainous zone.

Commission “actions in favour of  an economic development”

  • Realisation of  economic surveys
  • Cooperation with the whole partners to strengthen the local economy
  • Develop actions in favour of the cultural development of Alta Rocca
  • Value-creation of the “little” heritage and archaeological sites
  • Support, maintenance and development of commercial, handmade, farming activities

Commission « tourism »

President: Henri-Paul Agostini

  • Realisation of touristic surveys
  • Implementation of Operation « big site of Bavella »
  • Development of the promotion and touristic information of the territory