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Enter mer et montagne

Maire : Henri-Paul AGOSTINI
20124 ZONZA
Tél : 04 95 78 66 87
Fax : 04 95 78 66 25
Mail : mairiedezonza@orange.fr

Population : 1802 habitants
Superficie : 127 km2
Densité : 13 hab/km2
Altiture : 760 m

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Between sea and mountains


As a true crossroads of the Alta Rocca region, the municipality of Zonza stands because of a mountainous part which equals the maritime part. It is a favourite holiday resort providing hotels and restaurants.

Slowly built in terraces since the XVIIth century, the oldest granite houses are to be found higher up in the village. They were built of rocks which dominate the Asinao valley among the Chestnuts trees, pines and holm oaks. The church Santa Maria Assunta, with a neogothic style, is really different from the old local parish: San Cesario. We can see its ruins at 800m (ie 2624.7ft) from the village. The Roman chapel Santa Barbara seems to be older.

In the North, the needles of Bavella compose a surprising site in high mountains. Stopping to the Col permits to admire the changing colour of these big rocky walls between the Laricio pines and a harshness of the landscape.A hiking path permits to join the Col of Velacu in one hour. In the South East, you can reach l’Ospédale going through the national forest. A track conduces to the sheepfolds of the plateau of Luviu, witnesses of past transhumance taking the valley of Cavu.

At the Col of Illarata, a fantastic point of view permits to see, in fine weather, the Gulf of Porto Vecchio and the Ortolo valley. Zonza has a very popular maritime border. Located at 2 km (ie 1.2427mi) from Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio, the gulf of Pinarellu has houses long white sandy beaches surronded by generous pinewood.