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Un tout petit village de bergers

Maire : Jean-Claude LUCCHINI
Tél : 0495796065
Fax : 0495787188

Population : 33 habitants
Superficie : 13 km2
Densité : 2 hab/km2
Altiture : 274 m

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A tiny village of shepherds

Located below Serra-di-Scopamene, West of Quenza and above Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano, Zerubia has 10 times less inhabitants than it has 100 years ago. This is the smallest village of the Community of Interests of Alta Rocca.

Located at a height of 815m (ie 2673.9ft) Zérubia is surrounded by mountains covered with Chestnts groves. The occidental ridge is crossed by the road at the Col of the Tapa (975 m- 3198.8ft). The Rizzanese, the Chuivone and the Baraci are the main streams going though the village of Zérubia.

The village includes bread ovens, chestnuts dryers fom the XVth century and has 19 monuments on the list of the French historic monuments. Perched on a plateau at 820m height (ie 2690.3ft height), the church Santa Trinité dominates the village. Sheepfolds are still there, remains of a not-so-distant past. The pastoralism wich made its richness is still practiced. Zérubia use to maintain traditional pastoral relationship with Pianotolli-Caldarello.


In August, the village organizes a big ball then a party for children and finally a big convivial meal in the village square.