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Les villages


Au milieu des terrassses

Maire : Albert MONDOLONI
20112 MELA
Tél : 04 95 78 80 28
Mail : mairie.mela@wanadoo.fr

Population : 40 habitants
Superficie : 4 km2
Densité : 9 hab/km2
Altiture : 640 m

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In the middle of the terraces

Traditionally called Mela – di- Tallano, the village stretches out over the North to the South, on a hill.
On the village square, the Stéphane Deguilhen’s expert hands have transformed a dead elm in a 2.5 m high horse (8.2021ft)! The high point, in the North, overhangs little woody mountains with oaks and maquis. This is a beautiful green environment of grazings and terraced cultures which composes its access.

The Fiumicicoli valley cuts this territory in the middle. The hamlet of Foce di Mela, with stack constructions, is located at some 20 km from the village taking the road while 2 km as the crow flies. The village is composed of some beautiful old granite houses. The Parish Church presents a little square bell tower surmounted by a turret. In the little churchyard, below the road, appears the law part of the vestiges of the walls of the old Roman church of Santa-Maria-Assunta. Not higher than the spring grass, they permit to see the plan and the dimensions of the monument.