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Maire : Roselyne BALESI
20122 QUENZA
Tél : 04 95 78 62 11
Fax : 04 95 78 68 00
Mail : mairiedequenza@wanadoo.fr

Population : 243 habitants
Superficie : 108 km2
Densité : 2 hab/km2
Altiture : 800 m

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Great landscapes

Quenza streches over a large territory. To the West the plateau of the Cuscionu, cut by small valleys, in the North and in the Est are high summits such as the Bavella range and its famous red granite needles, while  Mount Incudine is situated in the North West.

Many waterways, fountains and springs drain grandiose landscapes. This is a varied and wild nature which receives many hikers and mountain dwellers.


The Bavella forest is made of beautiful holm oaks and welcomes a reserve of bighorns (mouflons) while the plateau of the Cuscionu which used to receive many shepherds coming to move welcomes a park with stags.

The village gathers stone houses which give it a particular style. stone such as the the XVI th century house with it piumbatoghu on the gable, the defence tour from the same period or even the Florentine castle with its crenalleted tower.

Further down, the Roman chapel Santa Maria, from the year one thousand is on the list of the French Historic monuments.

The parish church of St Geogres presents in its frontage some green Serpentine blocs from the Roman period.