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Monuments et patrimoine

Monuments and heritage





Bell towers and campaniles

Campanile de Carbini

We built first the church and when the resources permit we add the bell tower. In Carbini the bell tower has been added… some metre away from the church!  .

La casa forte

Casa forte à Sainte Lucie de Tallano

Real watchtower, it permitted to the inhabitants to find a shelter and to defend themselves against the assailant throwing boiling oil by machicolation. 

Bread Ovens

Four à pain restauré à Sainte Lucie de Tallano

We bake the bread on Saturday for the entire week. If a child was born on the Friday, the bread oven was cold and the bread was lacking. Today, we still do not begin something on Friday!



Present everywhere, it is a meeting place. Today, families still get spring water for their daily consummation. 



Witness of bygone days, as the little Built Heritage we have to restore them.


Pont restauré entre Zoza et Sorbollano

Often with Genoese origins, it testifies the quality of the technical knowledge of the period because where the new bridges had been destroyed by river bursts a lot of old bridges have resisted though the centuries to be used now. 


Moulin restauré à Serra-di-ScopamenaOil or cereal mills, most of the time they were activated by the output of a little river with big water wheel. 


Les sentiers sont nombreux en Alta Rocca

Many of them which join villages permit today to discover the restored little built heritage but a fauna an flora particularly varied too.