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Soyez sélectif, triez !


Why sorting and how to sort the wastes, actions in favour of a selective sorting.


Why do we sort the wastes?


  • To preserve energy and natural resources: paper recycling limits the deforestation, glass recycling preserves tonnes of sand, plastic bottles recycling preserves petroleum .
  • To recycle wrappings: thanks to the sorting, our wastes have a second life.
  • To preserve the environment: the rubbish tip, to avoid greenhouse effect and atmospheric pollutions limiting the volume of residual wastes. 


Actions carried out


  • Administrative process  intervention of the municipalities upstream from the works contact in order to get plots for the setting of the sorting terminals.
  • Billposting campaign “En Alta Rocca, soyons sélectifs, trions.”
  • Exhibition : « Du tout à la rue à la collecte sélective »
  • Competition : children’s drawings « Qui sera notre mascotte »
  • Purchase of sorting containers for glass, paper and wrapping.

  • Membership with the SYVADEC (Syndicat de Valorisation des Déchets) mixed regional syndicate for the treatment of the household wastes.
  • Diffusion of information among the inhabitants: the urgency is to sort, why and how must we do it within the book explaining the use of the sort terminal
  • Setting up and management of 300 containers which will be dispatched in 100 special sorting places.
  • Establishement of a recycling centre
  • Opening since 2008 of a recycling centre in Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio
  • Reinstatement of Falzagina
  • Fitting out of the sorting terminals

Direction for use

Containers are at your disposal, near your house (100 terminals for 14 municipalities) for recycling. You will put down according to their type the recyclable materials: glass in the green boxes, plastic or metallic wrapping in the yellow boxes, papers in the blue boxes.
You’ll bring to the terminal of Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio for the littoral part, the bulky wastes, rubble, toxic products, green wastes…Residual household wastes are transported to technical burying centre in Viggianello.




You put with stoppers: plastic bottles whatever their size: soda, water, oil, milk, soup bottles, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, mayonnaise, bottles of wine, shampoo wrapping, bubble bath liquid, shower gel…

You can put it without cleaning them but having previously emptied  them: cartons of food even with the stopper, concentrated fruit syrup can, tins, cans, aerosols (even the ones you have in your bathroom), aluminium boat-shaped tartlet boxes and wrapping in cardboard.

You can’t put: plastic bags, little plastic wrappings such as yoghurt, crème fraîche pots or polystyrene boxes, anything that contains rests, nappies, dirty or oily papers, dirty cartons, tissues or other hygienic products, cellophane, wrapping magazines.



You put down: glass bottles and flasks, jars, pots (jam, baby food, yogurt) glass gel shower and shampoo flasks.

You can’t put down: earthenware, broken tableware, light bulb: they are not considered as wrappings.






You put without cellophane: newspapers, magazines, leaflets.

You can’t put: the plastic wrapping magazines.




You put: everything which is not recycled and every wrapping on which you have a doubt.

You can put: the wrapping that can be recycled.








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