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The structure, a public installation of intermunicipal cooperation, includes the municipalities of Altagène, Aullène, Carbini, Cargiaca, Levie, Loreto de Tallano, Mela, Olmiccia, Sainte Lucie de Tallano, San Gavinu di Carbini, Serra di Scopamena, Sorbollano, Quenza, Zérubia, Zonza and Zoza.

Protection and environmental improvement

  • The elimination and improving household or similar rubbish concerning the pick up and treatment.
  • Removal of car wreck on the whole territory of the Alta Rocca except the ones created by handmade commercial or industrial activities;
  • The diminution of unauthorised rubbish tip on the whole territory except the ones created by handmade commercial or industrial activities;


Accommodation and living environment

  • The creation and the implementation of a programm of improvement of the settlement and living environment which set in the mountainous part of the area
  • The setting up of a reflexion committee concerning the problem of shortage of rented housing on the territory and the difficulties for the residents to have access to property in reasonable conditions;
  • The setting up of actions in the mountainous zone concerning the organisation and management of local services aiming at the well being of the elderly (distribution of meals and medicines etc)
  • The setting up and follow up of a dispositive to promote the sense of discovery and fulfilment of the kids
  • The setting up and follow up of animation of local educative programs such as the CEL* (contrat éducatif local: sportive and cultural activities for children)
  • Participation to the funding of events and educational school trips.

Actions of economic development

  • The development, maintenance and management of a business park (industrial, commercial, service, small industries estates, touristic) of common interest, fravided it concerns at least 3 adjacent municipalities in order to get an improving expansion management.
  • Realisation of economic and touristic surveys
  • Cooperation with the whole relevant partners to comfort the economic situation
  • Development of initiatives in favour of a cultural tourism on the whole Alta Rocca
  • Setting up a hiking path planning and thematic courses with a common and touristic interest
  • Restoration of the “little” heritage (ovens, fountains, washhouses) in accordance with the program of development for thematic paths,
  • Development, management and promotion of archeological sites in Alta Rocca  still lent not exploited in partnership with the concerned municipalities. The possibility for the Community of Interests to contract with managers and owners of the archeological sites already operational in partnership with the concerned municipalities i.e. Cucurruzzu and  Castellu d’ Arragio.
  • Survey of the creation of a structure which would welcome tourists, inform and promote the territory
  • Participation to the  and setting up of a touristic policy through the main touristic office
  • Support, maintenance and development of the hand-crafted, farming and commercial activities giving priority to the promotion of local identity products. This mission must be droved by other public or private stakeholders, in accordance with the current regional policy  and in the search of  programs in partnership with Europe, the State and the Region
  • Setting up of actions which encourage employment creation, the  strengthening of current activities and a better offer for the organisation of formations and stages with regular institutional interlocutors (Formations centre) which CCAR’s (Community of interest of Alta Rocca) funding plan would not exceed 20%

Organisation of the local common place

  • The setting up of an intermunicipality program of prevention against fire. The actions of the DFCI (Defence of Forest against Fires) on the territory of the Community of Interests of Alta Rocca which appears in the different approved documents. The partners are funded at 90% plus VAT and which maintenance should be considered by the departmental and or regional services
  • Reflection about the creation of a landscape charter of common interest in the mountainous zone. Advise the municipalities in the creation of their urban documents  in order to be coherent about the development of the territory
    Be the main interlocutor with EDF for the flood barrier of the Rizzanese River
    Co-funding of surveys for the realisation of the collective settlement in favour of the touristic development with the concerned institutionals,
    Signalisation and management of the sites ( Coscionu, Bavella, Piscia di Ghjaddu and the archeological) etc. in partnership with the municipalities involved


The Community of Interests is managed by the intermunicipality council. The intermunicipality Council is composed of delegates from the municipalities. They are elected by the municipal committees at the rate of an amicable repartition. The intermunicipality Council chooses between the office members a president and vice-presidents.